Bellezza Aesthetics Triple Glow Facial Review

On August 19, 2019 by Michelle

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This is the first time I have visited Bellezza Aesthetics. The place is centrally located to find as it is located on the 4th floor of Wisma Atria alongside with other aesthetic centers. Once you enter, you will be welcomed with an elegant reception and cheerful receptionists. Today, I am invited to try their newly launched facial – to be launched in August – Triple Glow Facial.

Truth to be told, I am usually hesitant in visiting an aesthetics clinic for facials for I have sensitive skin. As I am writing a sponsored facial, sometimes I wonder if I received any special treatment. You may see that I do not review much facials on my blog. However, I was put at ease as I was served by the friendly receptionist who invited me into the consultation room for my skin analysis. Moreover, I knew that I am in good hands, knowing that they have been award by Harper’s Bazaar for the Spa Awards 2019 and by Cleo for the Clear Skin Awards 2019.

Triple Glow Facial is an intensive treatment that incorporates 3 intensive step – Glow Peel, Oxygen Infusion & Cryo 3D Face Tightening. It is suitable for all skin types.

Trying not to doze off during the course of the facial, I managed to list down the complete steps in this facial treatment:

  1. Makeup removal with a De-stressing massage
  2. Cleansing and double-cleansing
  3. Essence spray
  4. Enzyme peel (Glow Peel)
  5. Extraction with eyebrow trimming
  6. Oxygen infusion
  7. Cyro treatment (3D face tightening)
  8. Massage
  9. Masque

Glow Peel

Experts say that skin cell turnover cycle is 28 days and because of my lack of facials for my skin/lack of usage of chemical peels at home, my skin is easily clogged. The Glow Peel in this treatment is actually an enzyme peel. The word “Peel” may sound scary for someone with sensitive skin, but an enzyme peel is much more gentle than a regular chemical peel treatment. Hence, this treatment is suitable for all skin types. Enzyme peels make use of fruit enzymes to dissolve dead skin and cleanse pores, stimulating the skin to create more collagen. This peel is not harsh on your skin, and surprisingly, it does not makes my skin as red as what other chemical peels do to my skin – which typically has 2-3 days of downtime.

The enzyme peel pulled out most of my blackheads, but my facialist did a few extractions afterward. I mean c’mon, my skin is so congested so I doubt one peel will remove all my blackheads. All the gunk, is now finally gone!

Oxygen Infusion

After the extraction, the facilist brought in a machine which was to inject Oxygen into my skin. The continuous jet of highly concentrated molecules of oxygen was very cooling. My neck / decolletage area was not neglected as well. The oxygen is also infused with vitamins, minerals, essential nutrients, and botanical extracts. This step also boost the collagen production in the skin, plumping up the skin as well. Our skin cells have a limited lifetime and since oxygen is crucial for cell regeneration, this step helps in faster cell turnover.

Cyro Treatment

Cyro Treatment is like a cryotherapy facial. This involves using jets of liquid nitrogen onto the face to gradually lower the temperature of the skin from around 35°C, to around 7°C. The change of temperature boosts blood circulation, collagen production, skin repair and renewal. The treatment is also said to help ingredients from the serum used be absorbed by your skin much faster. This last step also helps the skin heal from the gentle enzyme peel earlier on. This treatment is definitely cooling, but not too cold as it is still bearable. In fact, I love how cold it is given that the weather is insanely hot in Singapore these few days!

The treatment ended off with a masque and at the end of the whole facial, it was obvious that my skin is supple, moisturized and glowing! Even now, at the end of the day which I had my facial in the late morning, my skin is still smooth to the touch and supple and bouncy.

Throughout the entire facial, the only qualms I had was to wish for the facialist to explain each step that she was doing on my skin. Sometimes, she gives me a heads up, sometimes she doesn’t – like how she suddenly approaches me with the extraction tool right after the peel. Throughout the facial, I was like, “oh! that must be….oh! I wonder if that is the…step?”  However, as I asked her throughout the facial to explain the steps, she was more than happy to talk me through the treatment steps.

I read that for some previous customers at Bellezza, they were even served a bowl of yoghurt with museli and tea. I was served tea with goji berries and some Japanese biscuits which was thoughtful enough!

The duration of this intensive facial treatment lasted for 75 minutes.

Triple Glow Facial
Trial offer at $58 (UP: $388).
Comes with a free Baby Cells Recovery Mask worth $188.
Valid for SG/PR/EP/SP/WP first time customers of Bellezza Aesthetics.

Bellezza Aesthetics
501 Orchard Rd, #04-13/13A Wheelock Place, 238880

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