Jcube Don Don Donki’s $1 onwards Sushi Bar

On January 15, 2020 by Michelle

Hi all!

Don Don Donki is expanding with 2 new outlets at Jcube and the more recent one at Jem opened just a few days ago. Today’s focus is on the Sushi Bar in the center of the supermarket section at Don Don Donki Jcube.

$1 sushi? Looks too good to be true right?

Located just next to the dessert and sushi counters, we have a sushi bar where customers can enjoy a little bit of sushi before they continue on with their grocery shopping. As for me, I just dive right into the sushi bar for a meal.

You place your orders at the counter with your paper order as shown below. A minimum of 2 pieces of sushi must be ordered. So if you are just craving for sushi, why not opt for 2 sushis for just $2? The prices shown here are nett and you can pay directly at the cashier.

Once you have ordered, the chef / sushi chef starts preparing your sushi. Unlike sushi bars in Japan, do not expect your sashimi pieces to be taken from the display fridge for them to sliced on the spot. Rather, the chefs here used pre-cut sashimi slices (probably from their central kitchen where they prepare sushi platters as well), and place it on the sushi rice.

After around 10 minutes of waiting for my 6 pieces of sushi, here they are!

In total I spent $10.50:

  • Medium Fatty Tuna $1.50
  • Sea Urchin Uni $3.50
  • Flying fish roe $1
  • Salmon Roe $2.50
  • Salmon Aburi $1 x 2

Price is still affordable considering that some of the sushi here have premium ingredients such as Uni or Ikura or Fatty Tuna.


My most enjoyable piece definitely has to be the medium fatty tuna, and for $1.50 per piece, I would definitely return to eat more of these and perhaps even trying the fatty tuna! If you drop by the sushi bar, go try the fatty tuna. You won’t regret.

The uni sushi is a bit of a disappointment for me as I compared it to my experience eating Uni in Japan. It was not as fresh as I would expect it to be. This, I would skip next time.

The roe sushis are mediocre, and as for the Arubi salmon, with that pasty looking salmon, I doubt you will be able to taste any smokiness from this Arubi which was what happened to me. I would rather order my regular Salmon next time. But for $1, how can I really complain?

All in all, go for the fatty tuna, it’s a must!


Don Don Donki JCube
2 Jurong East Central 1, #B1-12/18/19, Singapore 609731

Opening Hours:
8am to 12am


Thanks for reading ~


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