Australian Zeolite Detox Mask (50 ml) – Face Detoxing Anti Pollution Mask

Face Mask

Seven benefits of using Australian Zeolite Detox Mask

1. Detoxing

2. Toning

3. Antioxidising

4. Dead Skin removal

5. Brightening

6. Cooling

7. Hydrating

Unique Detox Mask with Australian Zeolite

Zeolite is made out of MILLIONS of years of a natural process. This unique clay–mineral has a 3-dimensional crystalline structure like a Honeycomb. It can retain moisture and remove dirt, air pollutants, harmful chemicals, and odor from the skin most efficiently than any other clay mineral. This unique clay mineral is the reason it is also known as mineral clay detox face mask or pink clay detox mask due to its pink color.

Face Mask

Unique Detox Face Mask with Natural Australian Zeolite is formulated with Kangaroo Apple, Melissa, Lavender, Calendula, Green Tea, and Cucumber Extracts with Vital Nourishing natural Oils.

Face Mask

Australian ZEOLITE Detox Mask encourages the skin’s regeneration process, cleanses the pores, and deeply moisturizes for smoother, more radiant skin. Anti-inflammatory plant oils and Anti-Oxidant-rich extracts work together to exfoliate dull skin and hydrate from the inside gently. White tea hydrates and revitalizes the skin, while lemon balm and Avocado oil deeply nourish the skin and protect against free radical damage, pimples, blackheads. This Protects your skin against heavy Airborne pollution.

Face Mask

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