8 Things to Do in Hong Kong (For 3D2N)

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I just came back from Hong Kong for my cousin’s wedding and with this tight timeline, let me show you on what are the things you can cover within 1-2 nights in Hong Kong.

Get a nice view of the Hong Kong island at Woloomooloo Prime at The One

Feast on their steaks with your beau and enjoy a the Hong Kong cityline at night in a romantic ambience.

Spend one night at The Explorer Lodge after one day of Disneyland Resort Hong Kong

Unlike my recent visit to DisneySEA in Tokyo, I took a lot of photos with the Disney characters at Hong Kong Disneyland resort. If you want to reside away from the Disneyland resort hotels, do consider this hotel which we stayed – Dorsett Mong Kok which is just a few streets away from the Olympian MTR, that is a straightforward line down to Sunny Bay MTR station where you could board the Disneyland resort train. This hotel also provides shuttle buses to Mongkok area.

Try the famous 18 seat doggy noodles

A must try has to be the 18 doggy noodles. If you cannot take spicy food, do not add the spicy raddish! Give the mock shark fin a miss as it is quite bland. A surprising dish that was to my liking was the curry fishball! The curry sauce is combined with the sweet sauce that you eat with chee chong fun and this gives a nice kick of sweet and spicy for the fishball. This was my favourite dish so much so that I had to order it again the following day!

Have fluffy pancakes at The Gram

The famous jiggly fluffy pancakes are only available during certain timings of the day and are sold out fast! We tried the 3pm slot at 4pm, and by then the pancakes were already sold out. The slots for these pancakes are at 10am, 3pm and 6pm.

Visit antique stores along Hollywood Road

Having watched Indiana Jones movies since young, I developed a love for antiques, as they remind me of some sought after treasures. One man’s junk is another man’s treasure. I’d even have one corner for my antiques finds – from typewriters, to cameras, stationeries, perfume bottles and even cosmetics compacts!

Take the Tram (Ding Ding) in Central Hong Kong

Hop onto these old-worldly trams in Central. There has always been a buzz in local Hong Kong-ers that the government is going to do away with these trams soon. So visit while you still can!

Try the Snake soup at Shia Wong Hip

This traditional chinese dish is not as gruesome as you think it may be. Cooked in a similar way as a shark fin soup, I find this specially nice on a cold weather evening. The snakes are usually poisonous but the meat is tender, with the texture quite similar to shredded chicken meat.

Walk across the mid-level escalators

The Central–Mid-Levels escalator in Hong Kong is the longest outdoor covered escalator system in the world! This was fun to explore around the neighbourhood as you could look down the escalators as it weaved through the dense buildings next to the bridge. You can even drop by the Man Mo temple using this escalator.

With the upcoming long holidays (Labour Day and Hari Raya), short trips are the way to go! Once in a while, I look out for great deals at travel sites, such as Traveloka. Perhaps, my next trip would be to Kuala Lumpur? It has been almost a decade the last time I had been there. The flights pricing are quite reasonable as seen here – Singapore to Kuala Lumpur flight booking. Not to mention, I just made a Jetstar flight booking from Singapore to Bangkok for a short trip in June. This year shall be a year full of short trips!

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