Your Festival Survival Guide

Or on the complete opposite end of the stick, it might not rain, and it will be sunny, and you will not want to be burnt and look like a drum stick lolly.

Some advice for getting the most out of your weekend


The first day, you’re going to be up early, you want to be in the place before 9am to get a decent place to put up your tent etc. If you need a nap, have one, gather all your pals, pop into that tent, have a big cuddle and sleep for an hour. It’s a long day and you might not actually sleep until 3/4 am and then you’ll be up early the next day too. There is no shame if you need to take an hour to have a sleep.

Eat something in the morning, before you drink and make sure you keep eating throughout the day. It’s easy to forget to eat (hence why I said to bring snacks etc.) and you will feel it the next morning or even while you’re drinking. And make sure to stay hydrated.

Make sure you have your phone on you always and make sure it’s charged. It’s a big place, it’ll be easy to get lost so just make sure you’re reachable if that does happen.

Stay with your pals. As my mam always says, you came together, stay together.

Download the stage areas and the times of the different artist, so then you can plan the day.

Okay you’re going to be spending 4 full days together, you and your pals are going to get sick of each other BUT if you all are going to get narky and tired this is what you’re going to do: Have a nap, have 5 minutes away from each other, just chat to someone else. 4 full days is a lot to spend with any person, but it’s natural to get tired or annoyed, just take five to yourself and you’re fine.

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My last piece of advice for this is going to be a little cringe but bear with me. You are in a prime age in your life where you can be carefree, you can go to festivals, sing along to your favourite artists with your friends, drink warm cans at 11 o clock in the morning and sit up chatting till all hours in the morning in some field in Ireland. You won’t be able to do this forever, do it while you can. There will be plenty of time to be an adult and worry about things but for now, go to festivals, wear as much glitter as you can, sing in your worst voice, take pictures, spend time with your favourite people. You won’t get to these things forever. Enjoy them while you can. Festivals are for forgetting about your worries and just having fun.


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