6 Health-Threatening Mistakes You Make Before Your Wedding Day


The big day is coming, and you can’t be more thrilled about it! You are getting married to the love of your life! And when it should be a period full of happiness and excitement for you and your family, something happens and you fell ill, unwilling to get out of bed or you feel like things are getting out of control. Unfortunately, this happens to almost every bride to be out there. Luckily the reasons for feeling under the weather are known, and they are due to some mistake you are unconsciously making. Let’s take a look.

1. Over Obsessing about Things

Of course, you want everything to be perfect. But that doesn’t mean that you have to obsess about every tiny detail. Perhaps some unwanted situations will happen spontaneously that you won’t be able to control even if everything goes according to the plan. Get rid of those uneasy feelings. Let it go.

The reason why you must let it go is that over obsessing will lead to stress and stress is the silent killer of your health. The most important thing is that this will be your happiest day and nothing is going to change that. Therefore, plan ahead, consult a wedding planner if you feel more comfortable with that way, but be prepared to accept any possible mishaps along the way. The most important thing is to grasp the idea that whatever happens, this will be your happiest day so far.

2. Bad Diet

Many brides begin with a harsh diet a few months before the wedding so that they can look as fit as possible on the wedding day. That is a huge mistake. You must opt for a healthy diet and not any harsh regimens while you are planning your wedding. Getting everything done before the wedding takes time and lots of energy and you will be losing a few pounds without even realising. Therefore, instead of battling with hunger while you are trying to remember whether you checked off a thing on your “to-do” list, eat healthy, regularly and normal size meals several times a day.

Another diet you must avoid is the “detox diet” because not only will you spend a lot of money on recipes and ingredients but also it will have disastrous consequences for your body that you might not be able to recover from even after the wedding. These diet plans recommend only 800 calories a day before the wedding, which is not sufficient to retain your energy and might lead to developing eating disorders, heightened risk of infections, and permanent organ damage.  

3. Not Staying Hydrated

Don’t forget to drink as much water as you can. Do you know the rule for water intake? It is 8×8. It means to drink eight 8-ounce glasses of water per day. In this way, your body will stay hydrated, and the brain will be functional all day throughout the planning process, your everyday job and your free time. Not drinking enough water leads to headaches, dry mouth, eyes and skin, disorientation, low energy levels, muscle cramps or spasms, no sweating which means the toxins remain in your body and the feel of hunger is stronger than ever.

 4. Not Giving Yourself a Break

Regardless of how much work is left to do, you must give yourself a break during the day. Even if it is only a couple of minutes, do it – unplug yourself from everything and dedicate some time to “me time.” You can meditate, listen to your energy-boosting songs, jog in the park, or watch an episode of your favourite show on Netflix. You can also join some international women club and you will be able to meet Ukrainian wife, Russian, English, Chinese wife or from any other part of the world that you can exchange your thoughts with, listen to her experience and receive some tips.

If you don’t do it, your brain will “overheat” – making it impossible to cope with the challenges of the day.

5. Not Sleeping Enough

Not getting enough sleep is the root of all health problems. If you stay up late to working out details about the wedding, the blue light from your phone or computer screen will suppress the melatonin which will keep you from sleeping well. Make sure you have at least 7 or 8 hours of good, steady sleep, without any electronic devices near you. Develop a sleep schedule where you will wake up and go to bed at the same time every day, even at weekends.

6. Not Washing Your Hands

This one might seem a little bit silly, but it is a common mistake that leads to many problems, skin, and health-related. Hands get in contact with lots of unthinkable and gross things during the day which can cause flu, cold or skin breakouts. Keeping the germs at bay is your priority. Plus washing the hands regularly or dry washing them with an antiseptic gel will prevent about 20% of respiratory illnesses. So, off to wash your hands, now!

To Sum Up

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It all comes down to happiness, satisfaction, and positive thoughts. The wedding day will turn out the best day of your life if you invest not in it, but in your health and well being first and then in everything else. Take a moment, plan but have fun along the way.


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