5 Skin Conditions You Must Get Treated Right Now

It is incredibly essential to maintain good health and hygiene these days, and it all starts from taking proper care of our skin. The skin is the first and most essential barrier that protects our body from the numerous germs and infections that otherwise would have made us very ill.

It also is like permanent clothing on our body and adds beauty. It is the most crucial part of our appearance, and that is why it is critical to make sure proper care is taken, and treatment is carried out as and when necessary.

There are a few skin conditions that can be made to go away with simple hacks or medications. However, there are skin conditions that are much more persistent and need to be treated. It requires the expertise of the best skin doctor in Lucknow.

5 Skin Conditions You Must Get Treated Right Now

Skin Conditions that Need to be Treated

Some skin conditions are easily treated, while others require a more practiced and advanced approach. Below, we have mentioned some of the more severe and critical skin conditions that you need to be treated immediately if you happen to have. They are as follows:

1. Acne

One of the most prevalent and commonly occurring skin condition or phenomenon is the acne. Thousands of people suffer from acne problems every year and fail to get rid of them because they treat it way too lightly. Hence, it comes back. Acne is a condition that gives you an actively unpleasant demeanor. It makes you un-presentable. It can happen for several different reasons (oily food consumption, oily skin, or hormonal changes) and is more severe than it sounds. It can make your face permanently scarred. It may result in a fair amount of pain (in some cases) and can be an entrance for the germs and bacteria to enter the body. The medical or scientific name of acne is Acne Vulgaris, and it basically involves the oil glands that can be found at the very base of the hair follicles in our body. Acne can be developed at any age in a person’s life.

2. Acne scars

Studies have shown that almost 95% of the patients, who have an acne condition, develop acne scars that make their face less attractive. An acne scar has the potential to stay for a very long time, if not for your entire life. The severity of the acne scars depends on genetics as well. The severe ones are not persistent than the others. If you want to get rid of acne and make your skin smooth and look attractive again, then you must absolutely visit the reputed clinic to get skin treatment done without any further delay.

5 Skin Conditions You Must Get Treated Right Now
5 Skin Conditions You Must Get Treated Right Now

3. Dark circles

If you ever look into the mirror and think that you look older for your age, chances are you have dark circles under your eye. It is a common condition among people these days that make them look exhausted and fatigued, even when they are pumping with energy. It gives you a pretty negative look altogether. If you want to look at your age and get rid of the eye bags that make you look much less attractive, then you should get your skin treatment done soon.

4. Pigmentation

Being exposed to the UV radiation of the sun or hormonal imbalances can cause your skin to darken in patches. It makes the skin look uneven and gives you a very unpleasant look. This can bring down your confidence in yourself by a great deal. Getting a skin treatment done can significantly remove the effects of pigmentation and give you back your smooth and bright skin.

5. Psoriasis

Another common skin disorder that people are affected with is psoriasis. It forms bumpy, red patches throughout the skin surface and has a silvery scale. Psoriasis is supposed to affect all parts of the skin. However, it is most prevalent in the elbow area, the lower back, the scalp, and the knees. Psoriasis starts off as small, bumpy as patches. With time it grows and develops a silvery scale to it. The skin there becomes thick and sensitive. Picking it or tampering with it can cause bleeding. The rashes begin to itch, and the skin cracks and become painful. The nails can thicken and become loose as well. The exact cause or origin of psoriasis is still to be discovered.

However, it is widely believed that psoriasis is caused when something goes wrong with the immunity system of our body and causes inflammation. This creates new cells to be formed really fast. While commonly, new cells are replaced every 10 – 30 days, with the development of psoriasis, new cells are created every 3 – 4 days. Strep infections, surgeries, scrapes, or even emotional stress can trigger psoriasis.

These are the four skin conditions that you must get treated right now under the best skin doctor in Lucknow. It can make you look a whole lot better and give you the confidence boost that you were looking for.

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