The Last Line Is the Coolest New Jewelry out of LA

Shelley and Teddy Sanders set out to make the last line of jewelry you will ever need, and it worked. Their insanely popular jewelry brand, the last line, says “goodbye” to traditional jewelry industry markups, eliminates the middle(Wo)Men and delivers the last designs a woman needs, as soon as she needs them, at the best prices. The last line was created to give customers the finest quality jewelry they dream of: the last perfect pinky ring, the last perfect tennis bracelet, the last perfect drop earring. When you least expect it, the team drops another new limited-release collection. Each drop includes “where did you get those, I’ve been looking for them forever” pieces.

The last line is designed to be one-of-a-kind heirlooms, whether it’s your first fine jewelry purchase or you’re a seasoned collector. The last line is rewriting the rules of the jewelry world one finely priced diamond at a time.


What was the original inspiration for the brand?
SHELLEY SANDERS: We wanted to create real fine jewelry that was well thought out and purposefully designed. What women wanted but couldn’t really find in the market. From introductory pieces to start your collection to 60th wedding anniversary gifts. I love the idea of having endless design options without retail markups so that people can actually afford larger stones.

What’s been the coolest part about starting a business?
SS: The ability to get to know our customer and respond to what’s working.


What’s it like working together?
SS: We couldn’t imagine having it any other way. We share a common goal both professionally and personally. It can be challenging but we’ve always done everything together so it’s natural.

Who is the girl you design for?
SS: I don’t have a particular girl in mind when I design. I like to imagine it’s for everyone.

What inspires you?
SS: Anything and everything. A t-shirt, a candle, cool flowing. I take it all in.

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Favorite LA spots?
I am very food and drink oriented. I like E. Baldi, Escuela, and Asanebo. Honor Bar is great for a quick drink. But truthfully, I love my home. We completely re-designed it and couldn’t be happier.


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