Designer Facemasks – Melbourne stays stylish

Melbourne is in lockdown again. Facemasks are the new norm on the street. So why not up the game a bit and create some designer facemasks. Real nice fabrics combined with an additional 2 layer cotton lining and well made – no rushed sewing or mass production in sweatshops. Quality masks – uniquely designed for the Melbourne Fashionista. Have a look here for the facemask collection by velvet&tonic

Designer Facemasks by velvet&tonic

Usually creating beautiful millinery we decided to create some designer facemasks – they are maybe a bit over the top right now. I can’t see these luxury facemasks be worn at the supermarket. But imagine you going out to a restaurant in the future – still needing to wear a facemask. Enjoying a wedding ceremony or maybe a small party or event with friends. This is not possible right now as we all stay at home. But one day we will dine out again and might need to wear  a stylish facemask.

Facemasks don’t give you 100% protection but they help prevent the spread of the virus. So masks might become the new normal for us. When this happens we do it in style. Show a bit of personality and Melbourne style.

Luxury designer facemask - stylish facemask

Stylish Facemasks made in Melbourne

There are not many stylish facemasks on the market. velvet&tonic facemasks use luxurious fabrics with a beautiful design. These designer facemasks will help to look stylish again and complement your outfit. Ideal when the world opens up again and we are out and about. As in Europe, it might happen in Australia that facemasks become a normal look on our streets for some time. Silver, black and white fabrics are dominating these designer facemasks – classic and stylish to complement most outfits.

Facemasks were developed to stop the spread of COVID-19. But they slowly become a fashion accessory. It’s here to stay for a while. In every case, form should not be above function. These beautifully designed facemasks are no medical facemasks – they are a fashion statement – a bit of luxury. But they still have 3 layers of fabric (dual cotton lining) and a perfect for the trip to the restaurant in the future.

Wear a facemask

Even when you don’t want to wear a designer facemask right now (as this is more for the time after the lockdown). When you need to go out wear a facemask – Stay safe Melbourne. It’s the new normal in Melbourne.


luxe facemasks handmade in Melbourne - Luxury and stylish facemasks


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