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Submission Guidelines

How to pitch:

Send an email with your pitch to 

It must have the following:

  • Title of the article.
  • Approximate word count.
  • Format (Quick Tips, List, Personal Story, Tutorial, Guides etc.).
  • A clear and concise (1-3 lines) description of what the article is about.
  • A short, bullet point list of ideas you will present in the article that supports your viewpoint.
  • Samples of your writing (if you have any – we welcome first time writers too).

Please Note

  • Electronic publishing rights. By submitting your article you give Trend Tycoon the right to use the article wherever we please, with attribution to you at all times. Trend Tycoon also reserves the right to remove a guest article at any time for any reason.
  • Your post may be edited. We reserve the right to edit things such as the title, grammar, and format, but will not change sentences or meanings.
  • Promote your article. It is common courtesy for guest bloggers to promote their guest posts via social media — such as Facebook and Twitter — or by placing a link on their own blogs. If your article is accepted and published on , please promote it to your own readers and social networks.


  • Word count. Articles must have a minimum of 800 words.
  • Copyright. Images used in the post must be non-copyrighted.
  • Plagiarism. The article must not be copied from another writer’s work.
  • References. If you use information from outside sources or studies, they must be included.
  • Proofread. Check your work to make sure there are no grammar mistakes and everything is in order.
  • Repeated topic. Please check our blog to ensure we haven’t covered your topic before. Your guest post should fill a gap in our content, or present a unique angle on an already covered topic.
  • Originality. The article must contain original content, not previously published on the web or in print.
  • Quality. The article must be of a high quality and be easy to read and understand.